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Employers Getting Started
On the Road to Mental Health in the Workplace

Dedicated to His Excellency Michael H. Wilson
Canadian Ambassador to the United States of America
Roundtable Senior Chairman Since 2000
This plan was developed with the input and advice of hundreds of experts, business people and individuals living with mental illnesses.
We are universally grateful.
We also wish to acknowledge the contribution of the National Quality Institute (NQI)
and B.C. Business and Economic Roundtable on Mental Health.
Download the complete plan - PDF - 800k

The General and the Visionary
Two influential voices call for better treatment of brain illness, injury
Retired U.S. General Peter Chiarelli and Don Tapscott: Two influential voices are now calling for brain scientists to work together and be less competitive to accelerate advances in our knowledge and treatment of brain diseases and injuries.
Financial Post - March 31, 2015

Untangling depression's web
The invasion of depression. There is much that is physical about mental illness, and much that is mental about physical illness. Second in the series.
Financial Post - February 24, 2015​​

Partners in the war on depression
A partnership between the science and business communities is focusing on improving the approach to strengthening brain health.
Financial Post - February 10, 2015

Meeting of the minds
A proposed business-science partnership would focus on addressing brain disorders.
First in a series presented by Mental Health International on an unprecedented initiative to build an international business-science partnership for brain health in a brain economy.
Financial Post - January 19, 2015

Tell Your Story: Letters from everyday people sharing their experience with mental health problems

Guidelines for Working Parents to Protect the Mental Health of Children
Working parents work better if their children are healthy and safe.
Young people coming into the labour market are doing so in large numbers bearing the effects of undetected and untreated mental disorders which began in childhood.​
September 2, 2015

Inside a Canadian businessman’s controversial and ambitious plan to eradicate depression in the workplace

"Businessman Bill Wilkerson is stitching together what he calls a "business and science alliance" to broaden the campaign to cure depression."

The National Post

October 5, 2014

Allies against depression: How a Canadian is driving science and business to find a cure

European mental health experts have turned to Canada to help lead a campaign targeting depression in the workplace that is snowballing into an international movement to find a cure.

Video with Bill Wilkerson.

by Kathryn May

The Ottawa Citizen

October 3, 2014

The Mental Health at Work® Challenge kicks off its cross-Canada series with the Economic Club of Canada.

TORONTO, ONTARIO- (Canada Newswire- September 19, 2014) Margaret Trudeau, along with representatives from the Economic Club of Canada, Lundbeck Canada, Excellence Canada, Cookson James Loyalty and Mental HealthInternational, today signed a ground-breaking Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to motivate Canadianbusiness leaders to address mental illness in the Canadian workplace.


Letter from Bill Wilkerson to US Vice-President Joseph Biden

Canadian Woman with Depression Turned Back by US Border Agent 

December 2, 2013

Now a Life and Death Matter

By Bill Wilkerson, Executive Chairman, Mental Health International

November 7, 2013

Federal Job Cuts Carried Out by Psychopathic Bureaucratic Procedures; Federal Employee Depression Highest Ever
Press Release
November 16, 2012
PDF - 45k

Depression among public servants Canada's biggest 'public health crisis': Expert

OTTAWA — Depression among Canada’s public servants is the country’s biggest “public health
crisis,” says a leading mental health expert.

Kathryn May - The Ottawa Citizen
January 11, 2010
PDF - 152k

He switched on the light - then fell into darkness
To cap a long, high-powered career, Bill Wilkerson led a campaign to transform the way corporate Canada saw mental illness in the workplace. Then as he reveals here for the first time the professional crisis manager unexpectedly slipped into crisis himself.
Tavia Grant- The Globe and Mail
February 21, 2009
PDF - 336k

Mental illness a crisis with no end in sight
Donna Jacobs Monday Mornings, The Ottawa Citizen
Monday June 30, 2008
PDF - 72k

How to have a good morning, and a better day
Donna Jacobs Monday Mornings, The Ottawa Citizen
Monday June 23, 2008
PDF - 80k

Public Sector 'a toxic place to work'
Kathryn May, The Ottawa Citizen
Monday June 16, 2008
PDF - 176k

Battle of the brain
First they fight the illness, then they fight the stigma
Sarah Treleaven, Financial Post
Saturday, May 17, 2008
PDF - 96k